Uber Rolls Out New Safety Feature to Verify Rides

Uber have announced the introduction of a PIN number feature to ensure passengers and drivers are being correctly matched to the right vehicle.

Uber riders now have the option to receive a four-digit PIN number which will be sent when the driver is on their way to the pickup point. Once the car arrives, the passenger then gives the code to the driver before the trip commences. The driver then enters the pin provided to make sure it’s a correct match, and the trip cannot commence until the right PIN number is entered.

Uber Verify Your RideIt’s an extra layer of security for passengers and drivers to ensure that they are matched to the right vehicle. Fraud is a growing problem in the rideshare business, so this new feature ensures that the right person is being charged for rides taken.

To access the new setting, go into the Uber app settings and select “Verify Your Rides”. You have the option to set it for every ride or just those at night time.

This announcement comes on the back of the recent introduction of the RideCheck feature which alerts both driver and passenger if something is unusual or wrong with a trip. A notification through the app allows a person to instantly alert emergency services if there is a major problem.


Heath Chick
Heath Chick
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