Kahle Burns and Connie Graham Win 2019 GPI Player of the Year Awards for Australia

Australia’s Kahle Burns has turned his monster year on the felt into the 2019 GPI Player of the Year award for Australia, along with Connie Graham who took out the Australian Female Player of the Year award. Hamish Crawshaw and Sosia Jiang won the 2019 GPI Player of the Year awards for New Zealand.

The Global Poker Index (GPI) have announced all the national GPI Player of the Year winners for 2019 while simultaneously crowning Alex Foxen as back-to-back 2018-19 GPI Player of the Year.

The Asia-Pacific region saw Hong Kong’s Danny Tang win the Regional GPI Player of the Year for Asia while the likes of Chin Wei Lim (Malaysia), Tsugunari Toma (Japan), Thai Ha (Vietman), Pete Chen (Taiwan), Sean Yu (South Korea), Graeme Siow (Singapore), Yake Wu (China), Abhinav Iyer (India), Huidong Gu (Macau), Mike Takayama (Philippines), and Phachara Wongwichit (Thailand) all topped their countries rankings.

Closer to home in Australia and New Zealand, The Double Down have taken a closer look at both the male and female rankings for 2019.

2019 GPI Player of the Year for Australia (Male) Rankings

1st Kahle Burns – 3,641.63 points
2nd Robert Campbell – 2,274.67
3rd Michael Addamo – 2,210.27
4th Michael Egan – 2,067.48
5th Vincent Huang – 1,925.50

Kahle Burns won US$4,364,547 in 2019 and cashed 25 times including winning two WSOP bracelets, and both a Poker Masters and Melbourne Poker Championships title on his way to winning the GPI Player of the Year award for Australia. Burns not only topped the Australia rankings, but he finished in fourth-place overall behind Alex Foxen (3,806.09 points), Sean Winter (3,679.19 points) and Bryn Kenney (3,647.81 points).

GPI Awards Kahle Burns

2019 GPI Player of the Year for Australia (Female) Rankings

Connie Graham
Connie Graham

1st Connie Graham – 1,161.89 points
2nd Suzy Khoueis – 939.94
3rd Silvana Agius – 817.17
4th Sarah Bilney – 801.24
5th Ling Liu – 617.18

Melbourne’s own Connie Graham topped the female rankings for Australia following a 2019 that included US$53,759 in winnings from 15 cashes and four final tables. Graham also finishes with bragging rights in her household as she finished in 35th place overall on the Australia rankings, while her husband and WSOP bracelet winner Jarred Graham finished 2019 in 56th place.

2019 GPI Player of the Year for New Zealand (Male) Rankings

1st Hamish Crawshaw – 2,242.28 points
2nd Paul Hockin – 1,034.83
3rd Sam Ruha – 922.48
4th Tae Hoon Han – 807.86
5th Neil Mcfayden – 805.19

Across the Tasman Sea in New Zealand, Hamish Crawshaw would be awarded the GPI Player of the Year for New Zealand. Crawshaw had US$698,150 in winnings for 2019 that was highlighted by his 19 cashes that including winning WPT Vietnam, Sydney Champs Main Event, Wellington Poker Championship High Stakes event, and the WPT Cambodia High Roller Turbo.

GPI Awards Hamish Crawshaw

2019 GPI Player of the Year for New Zealand (Female) Rankings

Sosia Jiang
Sosia Jiang

1st Sosia Jiang – 1,237.12 points
2nd Natalia Rozova – 978.95
3rd Sarah Saifi – 490.11
4th Renae Baker – 272.53
5th Tatjana Zizic – 258.97

Sosia Jiang sat second overall on the New Zealand rankings, and first on the female rankings following a 2019 that saw her win US$672,387 from nine cashes that included winning the Skycity Festival of Poker Auckland Main Event.

Congratulations to Australia’s Kahle Burns and Connie Graham, as well as New Zealand’s Hamish Crawshaw and Sosia Jiang, for winning their respective country’s 2019 GPI Player of the Year awards.

The GPI is a ranking of live tournament poker players around the world, and players are ranked weekly based on their performances. There are several factors including finishing percentage factor, buy-in factor, and an aging factor, and after all scores are calculated, players are ranked accordingly.

Tim Duckworth
Tim Duckworth
Tim Duckworth is a freelance writer, born in Australia but now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. Follow him on Twitter at @tRaMSt0p.

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