Indian Buffalo Racer Compared to Usain Bolt

An Indian construction worker who races with buffalo is suddenly being compared to the fastest man ever seen on the planet. Bizarre but true!

Srinivasa Gowda participates in the unique sport of buffalo racing, which is known as Kambala. Attached to two buffalo, Gowda runs barefoot in the paddy fields alongside the wild beasts to attempt to complete the 142 metre course as quickly as possible.

Despite all of the limitations, Gowda was recently clocked at 13.62 seconds for the race, and even more incredibly, at 9.55 seconds for the first 100 metres which is 0.03 seconds faster than Usain Boult’s world record mark for the 100 metre sprint!

“People are comparing me to Usain Bolt. He is a world champion, I am only running in a slushy paddy field,” said Gowda who has been thrust into the public spotlight.

Even more amazing is that Gowda has now been approached by officials from Sports Authority India. They have paid for him to come into the SAI Centre to allow the nation’s top track coaches to take a close look at him in an official trial.

If he can live up to the hype of his Kambala run then who knows, perhaps we’ll be seeing one of the more remarkable stories at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games!

Heath Chick
Heath Chick
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