Better Collective Announce Acquisition of eSports Platform

One of the worldwide leaders in iGaming gambling ‘Better Collective’, has announced the acquisition of popular esports information website for a price of up to 34.5m Euro.

Better Collective aim to educate and advertise within the iGaming industry and operate popular betting information sites such as, Betarades and US giant RotoGrinders.

With the purchase of, which includes the HLTV brand as well as, Better Collective have established a strong presence within the eSports betting market, which is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Founded in Denmark in 2002, is the worldwide hub of information for the popular game, Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The site predominantly focuses on updating CS:GO live scores for current matches and tournaments and also curates the CS:GO world rankings.

Since the popularisation of gambling within eSports, however, the site has shifted some of its focus into the promotion and advertisement of eSports betting operators, which signifies its appeal to Better Collective.

“We have carefully analysed and monitored esport for a long time,” said Jesper Søgaard, CEO of Better Collective. “It is a rapidly growing industry and we consider esports an ideal extension to our sports focused business. The nature of esports betting differs significantly from traditional sports betting and, therefore, it was essential to find the right partner, adding deep know-how and industry knowledge to Better Collective.”

“I am confident that, through this acquisition, we have found the right people who operate some of the best-positioned esport brands in the world. We expect strong synergistic effects as many of the betting operators we collaborate with today also offer bets on esports, so I look forward to a prosperous esports future for Better Collective together with our new colleagues.”

HLTV eSportsDuring the last financial year, attracted over 250,000 visits per month and through its advertisement and affiliation with esports betting operators, generated approximately 5 million EUR and profits of 3.5 million EUR before tax.

According to Statista, an online provider of consumer data, there will be over 300 million frequent views of esports worldwide by 2022, resulting in a global industry worth almost $1.8 billion US.

Andy Rosos
Andy Rosos
Andy Rosos is the Content Manager for The Trifect Group, overseeing content across our digital media network. A keen fan of NBA, NFL, AFL and Cricket, Andy will be a prominent contributor to our sports betting sections on The Double Down. Follow Andy on Twitter @andyrosos

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